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STEP 7: After completing STEP 6, you have two options either you can Save and Exit by clicking the "Save and Logout" button (or) you can save and Preview by clicking the "Save & Preview button. Incase, you click the Save & Preview button then the Note will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below.

If you want to see preview, then click OKbutton.

After clicking OK button, the Preview of the filled part of application will displayed as shown in the screenshot below.

·                       If you want to change any details or any corrections in your personal details by clicking the “EDIT Personal Details” button

·                       If you want to Pay & Continue your application by clicking the Save & Continue to Paybutton

·                       If you want to Exit your application by clicking the Exit” button

If any corrections are there, then click EDIT Personal Details. The following page will open up, you can edit or do the corrections.

After corrections are made then click Save & Preview button.

STEP 8: After verification of preview page, Click on Save & Continue to Pay button.

Then select anyone of the payment gateway and proceed further steps for payment.

.NOTE: After successful payment only, you are allowed navigate to next screen for entering Academic Details.

If you are a student who has appeared for 2017 exams, then you will be able to fill the Academic Details after the publication of 12th standard results. Do not fill fake marks and generate a printout. You will not be able to edit your marks later.

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